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Hommikust, kaasreisijad absurdsuse maanteel, kosmiliste itsitamiste valmistajad ja põlvede nõrgestajad!

Nagu teame, ühing meie ***tsüklopeedia perede vahel olid halvasti katkestatud kui meie emme, Uncyclopedia, oli Wikia poolt ära varastatud, võttes ta ära ***peediate perest. Üks halvatud tegelane selles traagilises juhtumis oli UnMeta. See väikene sait oli peaaegu suremas sellest suurest löögist, ning alles jäid vaid ta tähtsamad funktsioonid, mida hoidis koos Jumal Carlb.

See situatsioon jäi samaks umbes aasta, kuni väheke aega tagasi, kui mitmete ***peediate administraatorid tulid kokku salaja et diskusseerida Intertsüklopeediate ühingut. Saadi aru, et UnMeta oli täiuslik Intertsüklopeedia kommunikatsiooni keskpunktiks, kogemuste jagamiseks ja ülevikiliseks kommunikatsiooniks. Tiim eksperte täiendasid ja taasvalmistasid seda Intertsüklopeedia peakorteriks.


Primary Goal

  1. Untercyclopedia's primary goal is to destroy the world as we know it by humouring the whole of humanity and incapacitating everyone by means of The Ultimate Absurdity (UA). The deadline for this project is set on the 12th of September 2012, at 12 o'clock in the afternoon.
  2. To accomplish this, Intercyclopedia will form a team of experts ) on Idiocy and Nonsensicality (***pedian Ambassadors). The members of this team will secretly work on a set of Jokes, that will be unleashed on mankind on said date. The jokes will have been translated and adapted to the different peoples of the world, and the media will be flooded with the UJs in such a way that mankind will not stop laughing for a day. In that day we will seize power worldwide and change the world into a fun place to be again, without noisy aeroplanes and screaming children.

Primary Targets

  1. Centralization of the expertise and the coöperation of the separate ***pedias, whose differences in size do not necessarily reflect their quality. Therefore: Abolition of the distinction between big and small *pedias.
  2. Centralization of the means of long-term policies, internal communication and diplomatic relations.
  3. Combination of all ***pedias with embassies, extension of embassies and instruments of communication and the improvement of all ***pedias by the Ambassadors and the creation of new articles in accordance to the common plan and goal. Equal representation of every ***pedia by means of the Ambassadors. Encourage the establishment of new embassies and news services.

Benefits of forming a Union

  • Being in relation with all pedias, to be able to share information, will make Intercyclopedia an international database for all pedias.
  • Recently founded or growing pedias will improve rapidly by support of other ***pedias.*Pedias could help in pointing out their best articles and assist in translating them.
  • By continuing long-term relations, ***pedias will be able to coöperate in mutual projects.
  • Intercyclopedia will become an education center for contributors where they can improve their skills by sharing information and eachothers experience.
  • Linguistic and cultural differences will disappear, for Intercyclopedia will set up a common understanding over all cultures that is based on liberty, equality, fraternity and good fun!
  • Pedians from distant places of the earth will know each other and become friends via Intercyclopedia.

Please note:

  • Intercyclopedia does not form a separate union opposed to Uncyclopedia.
  • Intercyclopedia does not set up any special principles of its own, by which to shape and mould the ***pedian movement
  • Intercyclopedia is independent from any external organisation, but solely accountable to itself, that is: the communities of users of the different ***pedias.

If you agree with our initiative and want to unite under the banner of Intercyclopedia, we invite you to set up an embassy/communications center on UnMeta and send (an) ambassador(s), chosen from within your ranks, to join forces so that one day the whole world will become a place of hilarious laughter and mock.

The procedure is simple:

  • Choose a spokesman to write your answer.
  • Establish an Embassy to represent you on UnMeta,
  • Establish a "Ministry of Foreign Affairs" here on your home site.
  • Appoint an ambassador to initiate the relationship.

Ebatsüklopeedia will be accredited by Intercyclopedia Union as soon as your embassy is established. We hope we will all join ranks soon!