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The Foreign Office[muuda]

Hi! I'm here from Uncyclopedia to tell you about The Foreign Office. It's a page where people from the different uncyclopedias can suggest the best of their articles for translation and steal some of the suggestions that have already been made - basically just a place for exchange of ideas, to get all uncyclopedias to the highest quality.

If you're interested in cross-translation just enter some articles you think would carry across into English well, and take some of those that are already there and you think could translate well to Estonian, or you can suggest ideas for the different uncyclopedias to work together. If you want to strengthen Estonian relations with the rest of the community, you can also send me a message at en:user_talk:Siddhartha-Wolf Thanks! :)


Pliis tee mind adminiks! EestiKuningas 29. juuli 2010, kell 20:44 (UTC)


Hello there. I am an adminstrator from Finnish ebatsüklopeedia, Hikipedia, and I could give you a helping hand in deleting the enormous amount of ad rubbish out there. Unfortunately, I am not able to speak Eesti, but that would not be a problem in the job mentioned. --Bassman SF 31. oktoober 2011, kell 20:02 (UTC)